easy 2 seconds method to test if your drinking water is goof for you. How to energize water. Sun salutation and more

I want to share a couple techniques for acquiring the best water you can get.

 First one -how to find out if  water you drink is good for you. ( maybe it is time to switch the brands :) This method doesn't cost a penny, all you need is to concentrate and sense.

Second technique is how to energize your water.  Hope this information may be useful for you as it was for me. 

Why am I talking about the water? Because it is important for the outcome of the Sun salutation or any spiritual practice you do. To say it short water is important to the quality of your whole body-mind complex existence. It is well known fact that our body consists of water on 70 %, and we are what eat or drink. Then just think of the quality of 70% of your body and if you can make it better. Junk water will not collaborate to good physical health or to mind alertness. But truly clean- restructured water will make these 70% of your body cleaner. Which means you can see and feel with more clarity what’s going on in your body and then do something about it. If water is not only clean and restructured but also, positively charged, then your 70% is already getting the boost in right direction! There are numerous ways how to energize water: rocks -minerals, prayer or mantra spoken on water, or by placing the water jar between your palms. Sun salutation or other spiritual practice helps more efficient restructuring of water in the body but still we have to clean your water vibrationally. 

and just sending the good energy to it, church blessed water which you can get from the church during some Christian holidays… just experiment and imagine. But be careful not to curse or think negative next to the water, which you will drink after. The Japanese researcher and scientist Masaru Emoto researched water that was treated differently; with love, prayers or cuss words. He published pictures where you can the water "reaction"  on certain sound vibrations. You can find his works online, its amazing to look at the pictures. 

First, we will locate a "perfect sensor". If you move your tongue along the roof of your mouth and away from teeth, you will feel series of bumps and then a flat surface. You want to put your tongue on located somewhere in the middle of the bumps. Bringing tongue to that place and leaving it there unites sun and moon in your body, making any mindful  practice ( including Sun salutation) more beneficial.  Many spiritual  sources  encourage using  this place for archiving but mostly for balancing energies within your body. Little known that this place has other "properties".
This is also perfect place to taste the water. You probably know that not all water is good for you, even drinking bottled water we buy in stores. How can you determinate the good water? Take a sip but don’t swallow right away. Bring your tongue to that place on the roof of your mouth and start striking the place with the tip of your tongue. If the taste of the water in your mouth turns to sweet-ish, then drink this water. You just found water that is very god for you. If sweet taste don't come, maybe its dull taste, or neutral, or metallic, that mean you still can drink this water but your body will have to spend some energy, resources and time, re- structuring this water so it could be utilized by your body. This is old wisdom -my Great Grandpa was Russian from Siberian forests, who knew much how to make forest your home and survive under open sky for days. He would talk about Spirit- guardian of forest that needed to be greeted at entering and leaving his domain and also to be brought a gift – a button or a ribbon, or sincere “thank you”. So I learned things like how to hydrate you in the forest or the field, not having a cup or any place to collect water into by finding a grass straw you can drink and sucking the top water from the rain puddle. If water is murky and dirty, it needs to the whisked by hands and left alone to settle, as the mud and clay of the soil will trap the big particles and bring it to the bottom, while you can use the same grass straw to hydrate yourself. Of course, these are survival things that are not in use in our comfortable life. In our days we have water conveniently delivered to us, or conveniently bought at the store.

Little secret of tapping your tongue on certain place in your mouth and cautiously observing the sensation and the taste. It  doesn’t cost a dime and may be very effective, depending on the state of alertness of your body. Let me explain, if someone’s body hurts and someone takes a painkiller to numb the pain altogether with the body sensations, then it would be hard to feel the finer things in such condition. Also, it may be hard to feel finer sensations if we are not used to listening to our bodies. How often we “freeze” in the middle of something we do just to observe – How we are doing? Is there any tension? And where?  Do I acknowledge how different parts of my body feel, right now? My feet, for example - of course I feel my feet, but do I really notice how my feet feel while I am typing on a computer now? And so on. Busy life, filled with all kinds of mental stimuli cuts the “cords” of consciousness between our body and mind.  And here we come to understanding of the importance of having some kind of spiritual practice in our lives. So, the more we able to develop and keep body- mind alertness, the “stronger” sensations you get, tasting and determining the goodness of your water.

Freezing and then thawing your water and well as putting crystals into it is an old recipe.  We all know that water is able to store information within. Freezing literally re-formats water, making it “memory” register – clean.  Crystals can enrich water by adding their structural vibrations to the water and making it “better”.  What are your favorite rocks? My mom uses clear quarts rock and diamond combo for spiritual enlightenment, she puts the stones into the water pitcher and lets it stay overnight. (No worries, you can get huge sized grey non clear diamond on ebay for about 30 bucks).  Water elixir with gem silica (nourishment, strength), quartz or rock crystal (structure, clarity), jasper (enriching, strength) is my favorite.  To “make” your own water and carry it with you during the day sounds like a good idea. This water you can’t buy in the stores. All store bought water already “charged” with some kind of information, and not always positive, unfortunately. Was this water brought up by the spring, or underwent many stages of purification process?  Where was it bottled, how was it transported (hopefully not overheated for BPA leaching into the water), and what kinds of vibes did it “recorded” in between?

 The glass jar works the best for storing water at home, and you can find BPA free water jag to carry your water with you. Place the crystals into the jag and enjoy the company of “silent friends” while you are on the go.  While at home you can leave your glass jar under direct sun light to energize it with solar energy (dynamic, vibrant, active), or nourish your water under moon light (intuition, receptivity). Such energized water tastes and feels like full of energy. So, experiment to your taste. A lot of literature available on this subject - just browse online. My suggestion to start with Michael’s Gienger’s “Gem water”, the author shares easy recipes on how to make your own water elixirs.

Wishing you success on your mindful water journey.