sun salutation friends. warm and wondering

I wonder, do you believe in karma and reincarnation? The concept is worth thinking about. I wonder, what karma should it be to incarnate as a cactus? Tender inside, quite juicy but outside is dry, prickly and quite scary. I can see these character traits in some people that i know. But what ot say, i can see these traits in myself...

Cactus sits next to the working computer. At first there was only one then i bought him a friend. I wonder, if he is happy? Cactus helps me by keeping my working environment cleaner. It "sucks" electromagnetic waves emitted by the computer, and supposable, even thrives on these. That's what i was told.

I water it sometime. It is like electric hex bug in a box but better. Because he is alive, and we are related - both are carbon organic creatures.

 My mom got a friend too. Her best friend is a sourdough culture she acquired sometime ago.  She loves to bake bread one condition though. It should contain no yeast. Thermopile yeast sold everywhere now is very bad for your health, did you know that?

Her sourdough friend looks nothing special. It lives in a glass jar on the lowest shelve in the fridge. She feeds it some flour and water every other day to keep it happy.It has a strange name - Giza. Its long history goes all the way back to the times of building great pyramids in Egypt.The same culture was used to make bread for all people who worked building the pyramids.

I wonder why most of the friends who are really good to us  - have "nothing special" appearance. We are so used to everything bright, perfect, polished, and catchy. Look at the billboards, promotional tags, TV campaigns, etc. If you were in the bookstore, which book would you tent to grab first? Would it be just because this one has a bright screaming cover?

Our natural friends just fade away compared to the bright outings of something, that screams for attention. We bring our attention to something bright, on the surface, easy to take care, convenient to cook, and what happens then? We lose.

It is hard to live without true friend. They are everywhere but do I really notice them? When I shoved something "useful" from the TV, or radio, or store, I try to think: will it make a good friend? Will it care for me as I care for it? I became very skeptical about anything that chooses me, instead of me choosing it.

Because true friends will never push themselves on you. And "friends" that push - do it because they have some kind of interest, often very opposite to yours.

Regular making friends or Sun salutation friends making? Sun  salutation helps young writer to choose