"Sun, Your light removes the darkness of my delusions and ignorance. As darkness fades away from light, so my ignorance fades away under the bright light of consciousness. Sun, I pray for end to the dark night of my ignorant living." 

Sun salutation beats shadow consciousness and stimulates warrior of light awakening.

Combined to prana yoga, tuning forks teraphy and sincere prayer it efficiently cures unwanted conditions.

You can't fight shadow. Well, you can but most likely it will be mutual waste of time. You talk to shadow, make treaties, give options but still.... shadow is a shadow, you have to be aware of gimmicks.  I'm sharing my experience.

  All beings exchange information, and it happens at subtle level. The space around the Earth could be compared to the giant computer where information about every living being is kept. Professor Vladimir Vernadsky called this “Noosphera”- conscious subtle body of Earth.  Progressive modern science marches toward the spiritual, not always able to explain, but trying to embrace and incorporate it. A group of young scientist made an experiment:  a group of monkeys was placed on the isolated island. These monkeys were taught various skills. On another isolated island, not too far from the first one, another group of monkeys was placed. But no one trained them. After some time passing, scientist checked the skills of monkeys from both islands, and found out the second island monkeys still learned the same skills, as the first island ones. Crazy, huh? That explains, how on different sides of our planet, without any possible communication, two people without knowing each other, happen to make same inventions.  We all connected, and we all exchange information.

In 1928, immigrant Edward Bernays bore a method, called “spin”.  What is “spin”? “Spin” is a contemporary term for a form of propaganda that relies on deceptive methods of persuasion. Spin is a shaping of events for someone else’s benefit. We live in the world of spin, it flies to us in a form of misleading commercials for products, political candidates and public policy matters. Often associated with newspapers and politicians, to use “ spin” is to manipulate meaning, to twist truth for particular ends. Millions are deceived every day…. all because of spin. “ Spin” is a polite word for deception.

How can we explain that many of us still desire for the products that we already know are bad for us? Usually implantation happens on some very “positive” emotion, which every one of us wants to feel and live in. When TV  or billboard shows something positive we want to have in our life:  a happy family, caring parents, traveling, interesting destinations, or a cute face with kind smile,  it’s always linked to some product, which may be not necessarily good for us. We immediately accept the positive emotion, (it tastes so sweet!), but something else instantly lurks inside our brain - the advertized product, “attached” to that smile. Not funny, duh.  

I am here not trying to teach you what to consume.  My point is - We all swim in energy-informational soup and consistently channel information from each other. It explains why some spiritual sources state that we all are One, actually. Let say now you are aware, live consciously and realize there are traps out there, such as promotions or campaigns, billboards, things to do “because everyone else does it” , and etc. Let’s say you are spending time with someone, who is not aware of what’s going on and this person’s desires are dictated by outer source.

What will happen? You guessed right, the same rule applies to everyone. Informational exchange on subtle level will happen. You may catch yourself carrying that person’s ideas, thinking they are yours. This is why it is important to choose your friends wisely. I am not discriminating. If your circle consists of people who are also into spiritual growth; your own progress may be faster and easier. And if you don’t have such friends (as of yet), they will definitely come, as you will move on your spiritual path. Omar Khayyam , a great poet once said: “you better starve then eat whatever”. One sure thing -It is better to be alone, than spend time in company of someone, you have to “hard-clean” yourself after.

There are some kids and adults that are awakened souls. But the problem we don’t meet them very often. And even if you meet such people, they will never push their spirituality on you until you ask. Because this is against the God’s way: God is always there to help you but will never push on you. In opposite, demons are always trying to convince you into something. They push on you, God- never.

Do you feel comfortable to talk about spirituality to someone who you know just briefly? This is a delicate subject. It requests us to trust that person, and trust comes with time spent together, learning about each other. And even if we are extremely lucky, and happen to run into someone highly spiritual, it still takes time for people to “tune” into each other.  In most cases we are surrounded by people who live by rules that were programmed into them. They accepted mindless consuming like original way to live. In current time, surrounded by all kinds of propaganda, people don’t even have a fair chance to soak in something enlightening and to find a way out of the labyrinth.  In some way it easier to be (eternal) young bird inside the nest who‘s responsibility is only to open the beak-  and wait for the stuff to be put in to fill it.  Conscious bird which hunts for its own food will have a choice in where to fly, what to eat, when to hunt. That comes as reward for the conscious effort.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Society doesn’t like people who are different. It’s like lawnmower tends to cut everyone at the same “height”. If you remember that, then you don’t have to take too personally the teacher who criticizes your mighty principles because it doesn’t fall into her religious beliefs or some friends not accepting you because you are “too weird”.

The father of spin, Edward Bernays admitted that “It is sometimes possible to change the attitudes of millions but impossible to change the attitude of one man”.  So, there is a hope. I believe, no one can force us to be lead on a rope if we truly don’t want. The only problem is to be able to see “what  that rope is”.

 Now, let me share with you my own experience. 

Like many American boys aged 10, I like to do sports. I enjoy boy’s team gymnastic, which teaches me good team work and also lets me dig into my individuality. There are 26 boys in the team, and what I noticed, is every time I come back home after taking class at gym, I have a desire to play videogames! I know it is not my thought, because in my mind time is precious and I know these will not do anything to improve my living right here. Also, if you look online you find much info available. Internet is full of sad or successful stories, depending on the path someone chosen, either to  find something more meaningful in the life and replace gaming with it, or just game the life away. The most of us, though will find ourselves struggling in between just playing a little and setting a time limit – and burning desire to break the limit and play more.

Here I talk about computer video games, not computer education programs. As homeschooled child I use educational programs that taught me how to type, how to play chess, also math, science and variety of subjects from the school curriculum. These are useful while studying some subjects and I never heard someone speaking hours about education programs. But I hear how some people spend hours away, talking about other kind of programs – computer videogames.

So, while at gymnastics, I communicate to my team mates, to my coaches and do whatever needed to grow better in art of gymnastic.  Of course we talk about some other things too during the lesson. Most of the boys’ interests are deep into videogames. They talk about nonstop. And when I come home, I think of gaming, I desire to game.  I think that I miss something important and interesting and I should catch up with all the new games boys just discussed at the class. ( Competition awakens,  oh boy, how much happier I feel when this feeling is asleep!).  I think that video games are cool, and I feel almost required to immerse into video gaming to be cool in presents of my teammates. ( My mom calls this “herding complex”, but I do catch myself thinking how advanced experience in video gaming  would be helpful to anyone interested in climbing up society ladder to get higher place in pecking order). So with this burning newly awaken desire I come home every day Monday through Friday.  And if I don’t “catch” it and don’t do any “ cleaning” before I go asleep, the very next day starts with the urgent desire to reach to computer and dig into the virtual gaming!

After my mom busted me quite a few times not doing my schoolwork, but gaming behind the computer, she realized that punishing method didn’t work on me. It just didn’t – okay, I get my punishment and then, what? I still want to play videogames.

Then my mom came up with a whole new regiment to be done before going asleep.  Amazed to witness it again- but truth is always a simple solution. In our days some people pray before going asleep, some – read saint sources like Bible, Vedas, Koran, etc. They still do it, consciously or sub-consciously, feeling and understanding the benefits of it. This is how our ancestors lived, and how they advised us to live. But somehow old ways were forgotten. Who to blame? Busy 20th century, when our civilization took a sharp turn toward technogenic  progress? Or mass consuming popularization that brings directly into a greed trap and makes anyone roll like a hamster in a wheel?

The benefit of reading or listening saint books is just like a tuning fork ( more about that – later). It adjusts your conscious mind to its “normal” state, making you to vibrate the “true” and suddenly you able to see the “false” that may have crept into your mind during the challenges of busy day.

At first mom downloaded a few evening prayers from internet. She made a mix of Christian evening prayer, God’s Mother prayer, Muslim evening prayer, Ganapataie matra and some other prayers, sang by kids.  CD with prayers was played before bedtime. We would sit in the bed and listen, and then discuss upcoming thoughts. Eventually we memorized the words in some prayers and started to sing along. I noticed that evening prayer does bring comb the scattered thoughts together and balances the mind. I guarantee- you’ll feel it too, once you start doing your evening prayer before bed.

In time we experimented, adding some guided meditations. I often imagine someone’s thoughts that stick to me as small spiders or insects, which is blown away by wind, or washed away by the waterfall.  Find out the element you like the most, it would be the element you are closest to. Make it your friend by communicating to it in your mind and maybe making some rituals and offerings to it, if you feel comfortable doing so.

But in my experience, sincere prayer is just as powerful, if not more.

Many prayers are available to download online.  You don’t have to read, you may just listen the prayer while unwinding from the busy day. Do this for some time and your thoughts become more intact, the dreams become less chaotic. Suddenly, life will become “easier” and “lighter”, like someone lifted a heavy weight off your shoulders. Try it and see for yourself how it “works”.

My mom does it too now; she adopted the regiment for herself. It takes anytime from few minutes to as long as you want it to be. It is a must do thing: we all exposed in society, which doesn’t guarantee “virus free” environment. These installed thoughts – are mental viruses for our “thin” body, just as a cold or flu are viruses for our hard body. Clean your mind the way it works best for you -meditation, conscious breathing, mantra chanting, saying prayers, reading or listening the lines from sacred books, whatever you prefer. I am free to choose to do whatever it feels like doing today, but I know I have to do some mental “cleaning” before asleep.

We may forget the old wise ways but it never late to “recall” and to start practicing the wisdom. When we bring the light of consciousness to some area in our life, the darkness fades away. Consciousness just like the Sun makes visible all the false and untrue. Then it can be removed, or transformed. 

What happens if I didn’t put any effort and just fell asleep?  My guess is that during sleep, my energy mixes with the energy of desires and thoughts installed in me from outside source, and then it becomes me. Scary, huh? Yes, then I wake up next morning, wondering about hamburgers and thinking, why are these bad? Suddenly, video game becomes more interesting then the knowledge I get when I study. And finally, I feel literally lazy…. And I don’t want to do yoga, or qi gong, or anything that proven always helped me to clean up my mind and to balance. I have to really push myself into doing my chores.

 I am wondering why at the times we live, our world became so infected with all kinds of mental “viruses”. Those cling to people and stay there, unnoticed. These “virus” thoughts that make us lazy, angry, impatient, fearful of something, or hungry to consume, overzealous, etc.  Maybe because we live into age of Kali-yuga (according to the Vedic sources), and Kali-yuga is age for degradation of human race. It was written and predicted in Vedas thousands of years ago. Then I wonder why someone would chose to live at such time? Wonder, was it our conscious mission to come and try to enlighten, meanwhile helping others around us, or maybe it is just a big test we all passing here, on this plane.  Or maybe there was no choice and we were appointed, like in the military – 1st, 3rd and 5th – are going, 2nd, 4th and 6th – are staying, bingo.  Did karma bring us here, appointing our parents and family accordingly to our karmic needs?  Were we just lazy to grow, living many life times before at previous age of Satya-yuga, when rain would fall only at night, people never were sick, children never die, and art of giving was mastered way more than the art of receiving?  I would like to know what you think of it.

I feel I don’t know much and can only wonder. But one thing I know for sure – if you feel you have something to share to help other’s lives, you must do it for your own good. I believe it works like this: let’s say you became a yoga teacher, and some of your students enlightened greatly and did some good to the world. They will receive blessings from many of the people they helped. And part of the blessings they will receive will come to you, because you were the one who helped them first. What will happen to you then? Your life becomes lighter and better, as you earning a good karma. No matter if you believe in reincarnations or not, the old rule is still true - when someone honestly wishes us good, or someone thanks us from the open heart, we get the positive energy flow into our life.

That explains why it best to wish only positive things to others. Importance of it spelled in many religions by giving us life commandments and rules, but I always wanted to know how the mechanics of such things work.  Okay, maybe it was just me, and I didn’t hear enough. But maybe you are more sensitive and you do hear. I am very glad about it. Any path that clicks with you is great if it brings to enlightenment. I want to thank you if you are still reading this. You are growing, evolving, and bringing the gifts that are within you into the world. We all share. Vedas say that man who seeks enlightenment only for himself is like a holed barrel and all knowledge just flashes out with no use. 

Blessing to you on your spiritual path!