Sometimes it is hard to believe in something that you cannot touch by your physical hands. Remember, that we are woring with the finer substances, like our body of emotions and thoughs. Usually, it is beneficial to start cleansing your thin/subtle body, because everything that we have in our physical body is a mirror image of the subtle body.

Lets example – someone got sick. Well, you see it is not so easy- caboom and ouch! I got sick. The sickness first happened in the body of thought, where some kind of conflict arises. As it was not solved, it got denser and traveled to the emotional plan.  And if no proper action was taken to cure it there, it will get even more density and go to the physical plan, thus affecting physical body. You see- all physical problems in the body is a manifestations of the conflicts and problems  in our subtle body.
So, you can affect and cure emotional body by sincere prayer, or by forgiving or letting go (to do so you need to gather spiritual strength, so prayer gives us that).  You can cure subtle body of thought (mental body) through prayer as well through meditation, mantra, yantra and all kind of relaxation practices. Here we working with subtle bodies, so our sensation are very subtle. For our hard nut shell - physical body - is hard to feel this subtle body sensation. We have to really tune in and concentrate. Often people who work with subtle energies expect to feel these energies the same way as we feel physical sensations (cold, heat, pain, tickle, etc..) And then these people get disappointed and say -I did not feel it. Or, they say even worse: It not exists, because I did not felt it.
But to judge subtle body energies measuring these though physical body it kind of unfair. Because our physical body is not made to be such a high receptive tuning device for higher frequencies.
Our physical eyes see in limited UV specter, physical ears hear very limited frequencies.
Let say by example, if we have two devices, one – to measure the scale for the earthquakes, another one – to predict the weather. If we start measuring earthquake scale with the device that made for predicting weather – this device will simply brake.
If we try to predict weather with the device that is made for measuring earthquakes, it simply will not read anything, because it attuned to much stronger frequencies.
The same our physical body, It tunes into frequencies we experience in this material plane, not more, not less. All and all – this is a very limited slice of frequencies our physical body can sense.
But we still can do something on physical level to cleanse the unwanted info and attune ourselves to our original state.
Do you know about wonderful device to restore your vibes to balance? Its called tuning fork.

Tuning forks.

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sun salutation and tuning forks therapy. sun salutation sound vibrations clean your mind and body. 

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Sun salutation and tuning forks therapy