Snakes look like dragons in disguise.

Snake sounds like the rattle of a crystal,

Snake Taste like a pure illusion,

Snakes smell like all elements united,

Snakes feel like a line of time.


Malice looks like a nuclear bomb ready explode,

Malice sounds like the “shink!” of a blade,

Malice tastes like a water overload,

Malice smells like the never glade,

Malice feels like a snake writhing in the Stonehenge.

I wake up,

I am in the deep,

I wonder whether I’m asleep

But one thing I know, that is for certain,

That is I am going to pull away the curtain,

Of life and death and history,

And lie behind that mystery!

 I am inside myself,

Trying to find an ice shell,

Avoiding brambles and a sweat,

And feeling like I'm not done yet!

 I am a walking meditation,

And I am God’s creation.

And living here on Earth,

I feel like on probation!

Night spelled curse for moon to die,
Stormy sea - as nature's cry,
 Water black as strongest chai,
In a murky darkness.

 Sudden light from ink black sky,
Thunder rumbles in a cry,
Lonely sailor scared to die.
In a murky darkness.

Maddening roar is to reply-
An evil dragon goes to fly,
On a night across the sky,
In a murky darkness.

Sponges bloom and raise up high
From the gates of hell - to sky,
Following the dragon's cry
In a murky darkness.

 Sailor fought through storms and lies
Many lives.... and many times,
He is trying to survive
In a murky darkness.

 Sharks are swimming by and by,
If you want to live, not die
Don’t you fly across the sky!
Don’t you swim in ocean tide!
Don't you make your luck to hide!
Don't you let your fear to guide!!!
In a murky darkness.