Many kids attended. Almost everyone dreamed of becoming a star. Many kids were very good at acting. I wondered how many new stars will shine soon.  But going through many, many auditions, sometimes 4 auditions a day, I realized that no matter how good you can read your role, if your looks do not suit director's expectation, you will not be chosen.

There are two ways to go about your looks: either you look like most common type, short hair for a guy, good build, etc. In this case you will "suit" into most roles that are on the market. Or you look very different, like very long hair for the guy and wait for that "special" role, when someone unusually looking needed. Well, I almost never cut my hair, so I was a weirdo type guy.

Once back my mom sweet talked me into cutting my hair. I felt something wrong, it should've been left long! Later we found out that in many cultures people keep their hair long, not only women, but men also. It is believed that long hair is connection to your ancestors. And to shave your head means to leave your ancestors, your family, everything and surrender to the Guru and God. That's why Buddhist's monks shave the head.

So, back to the acting.  You have to know when to detach. Because it hurts when you read the role, they like it, they call you again for the callback audition, you get your hopes up... but then you are not chosen. In Hollywood I heard many people say - "the acting profession is only for these who are strong". In other words they mean the - ability to detach, and do not take rejection personally.

Still, acting is something that teaches you much of everything; you just have to be open to soak in everything you think may be useful. New contacts, new information, there are plenty to gather. Sounds like fun and something worth doing, huh? One thing, though.

Out of all auditions I went to, most of the movie scripts were about either one of two: crime/ murder/ aggression/bad, destructive behavior/ war/ etc.  - Or-  drama/ variety on how people torture each other emotionally/ sex  and its uncommon kinds/  vampires and etc.  It's all very commercial, everyone wants a hit movie to make millions right.

When I watch the movie - I learn something from it. Everybody does. What such movies show us? How to fight? How to kill? How to lie? How to torture? And this is what we learn. We feel drawn to the scenario, we follow the line, and we "temporarily" side with one or another character and so on. Movie holds us in its iron claws: fast pace, bright special effects, unusual twists...  we follow and witness how murder happens and injustice wins and (oh my!) -  how we know exactly how to withdraw, how to ignore, to hurt, to start fighting, how to cry and raise the hands up, adding dramatics, just like in the movie. Whew!

Of course, there are some very nice movies filmed somewhere out there. These show someone honest, going through amazing journey, acting with the cool head, and making correct decisions. Or, learning how to.  Someone I could learn from something that may help me in life. But the ratio is 9 : 1, where 9 are these with wrong behavior combined and the  1 is the one " useful" to watch.

So, my point is what can I learn for my life if I see as one hurt and bully another? I don't want to learn that! And watching that doesn't help me to understand - how to act better.

Shouldn't  we be responsible for what do we do in this world? Well, if I am acting in a movie that teaches sick behavior to someone, I wouldn't feel good.

I wonder, do people want to watch all this crap? Or, are they are being forced to?  I our society is there anything else to watch?  We are very visual, we need something more truly inspirational.  For that we need to do something about us, first. When we will not buy and support these crappy movies anymore, maybe time will come for "positive" ones to emerge. But until then i resign from the acting in sick movies. 

Shadow talk - what helps ( really!) to stop wanting to play video games ( or any other unwanted thing)

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‚ÄčIvan Templeton is a young motivational speaker, actor and the truth seeker. 

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How did I talk my shadow into stop playing computer games and why I don't want to be an actor/ model anymore.

Once back in time a modeling recruiter contacted my mom about me becoming a model. Mom asked me if I this is something I would like to try. I wasn't sure, and asked if models travel a lot. I love to travel. Mom said that models travel a lot, if they are top models. So, the deal was sealed, and I got into my first agency in Houston. There is not much of artistry and modeling goes in Houston, and I realized that it much more fun to be an actor, than a silent model.

So, we went to Hollywood to gather real hands on experience. I was curious, how this auditioning process works? I was told to sign up for acting classes. No brainer, no one would want to hire someone who doesn't know how to act correctly in front of the camera. Classes were long, sometimes even boring. They would teach technicalities like not to move your head while reading a role, never to look straight into the camera, to slide your thumb across the page as you do "cold read", as in this case you will never lose the place where you were reading, and so on.